Priming the Clinical Laboratory for Population Health

Priming the Clinical Laboratory for Population Health

How a grassroots movement is positioning the laboratory at the forefront of healthcare

Khosrow Shotorbani, Jeremy Orr, Keren Landsman | 05/13/2020 |

“With an increasingly global society – not to mention a growing pandemic – the idea of population health is at the forefront of many medical minds. But who is responsible for population health? Is it the epidemiologists, the sociologists, or the politicians? A new movement, termed “Clinical Lab 2.0,” suggests that the laboratory is an integral part of population heath – and that laboratory medicine professionals can be leaders in the move from volume- to value-based healthcare. But what is Clinical Lab 2.0, and how does it position the laboratory at the apex of population health?”

To read the full article in The Pathologist, click here.

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