Project Santa Fe’s 4th Annual

Clinical Lab 2.0 Workshop

October 25-27, 2020 | Chicago, IL

World Class Curriculum for World Class Laboratories

Engage with peers and industry partners through collaborative, interactive sessions, panel discussions and round tables to help chart the future of the lab in value-based care!

We are building on our successful 3rd Annual Clinical Lab 2.0 Workshop as we plan our 2020 agenda. Our 4th Annual Workshop will expand upon previous panel discussions and interactive dialogue between peers and industry partners. We’ll offer new insights on how to build upon a strong Clinical Lab 1.0 foundation to transition to a Clinical Lab 2.0 value-based and integrative operation.

Your input regarding the 2019 Workshop requested that we continue to provide creative solutions and information in the following categories to help assist labs in their quest to achieve Clinical Lab 2.0 status:


CL2.0 Leadership

What are the new skills and knowledge sets required to lead and thrive in a CL2.0 environment?


CL2.0 Standards

What are the standards of a successful CL2.0 Laboratory and how can you measure what matters to your system?


CL2.0 Evidence

How can you demonstrate the economic and clinical value of CL2.0 in your system’s overall care continuum?


CL2.0 Partnerships

CL2.0 is an industry movement – how can Lab Leaders leverage internal and external partners to drive progress?

Continue to check back for the latest information on the 4th Annual Clinical Lab 2.0 Workshop!

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