Dr. Michael Astion is a clinical pathologist who is the Medical Director in the Department of Laboratories at Seattle Children’s Hospital and a Clinical Professor of Laboratory Medicine at the University of Washington. For two decades, he worked at the University of Washington where he was a Professor and Director of Reference Laboratory Services. His career is divided between clinical service, teaching, and research and development.

Dr. Astion has authored more than 20 software titles, 40 peer-reviewed papers, and 40 editorials. His software includes both laboratory tutorials and competency assessment exams, and these materials are now used by more than 40,000 clinical laboratory workers annually, in 1,500 labs, as part of the Medical Training Solutions laboratory training library. Dr. Astion is the Editor-in-Chief of Patient Safety Focus, which appears quarterly within AACC’s Clinical Laboratory News.

He is currently working actively, through grants and intellectual property held by the University of Washington, with the insurance industry in the United States, to create utilization management rules for clinical laboratory testing. In addition, he is one of the founders of PLUGS, the Patient-centered Laboratory Utilization Guidance Service, a unique service that helps hospitals and clinics actively increase the value of lab testing for both adults and children.

Dr. Astion is a frequent speaker at professional meetings, where he lectures on issues related to laboratory test utilization, test interpretation, laboratory economics and outreach, and medical errors.