Chief Medical Officer, Lab and Specialty Drug Services, eviCore, Bluffton, SC

Dr. Lon Castle is responsible for the clinical performance of the Laboratory Medicine and Specialty Drug programs at eviCore healthcare.  He has been working in the genomic and molecular diagnostic field for over a decade, designing and implementing programs that support personalized medicine initiatives that bring additional precision to the healthcare decisions facing physicians and their patients.

Previously, Dr. Castle worked as the Medical Director for Managed Care at CardioDx where he was responsible for discussing the science of their proprietary genomic test to detect coronary artery disease to payers.  He also collaborated with payers on projects and program designs to demonstrate the clinical value of the test.  As part of the Medical Affairs team, Dr. Castle was also involved in developing the clinical and health economic study designs.

Before CardioDx, Dr. Castle was employed at Medco Health Solutions (now Express Scripts) as the Senior Director for Clinical Innovation.  During his 12 years there he worked on numerous projects, including the initial development of the company’s personalized medicine testing programs, demonstration projects with pharmaceutical manufacturers to establish the value of genetic markers for novel medications and publication of the organization’s annual Drug Trend Report.

Dr. Castle practiced sports medicine for over a decade at the Baylor College of Medicine and the Baylor Sports Medicine Institute in Houston, TX, serving as team physician for numerous professional, college and high school sports teams.