Join the crucial conversation with fellow leaders across the industry
as we define the future business model for the clinical laboratory


Represented at this workshop is a tremendously respected collective body of knowledge, so don’t miss out — take your seat at the table and make an important contribution as critical questions are addressed that will shape the future of our collective industry.

February 27 — Sunday

Welcome Reception 5:30pm – 7:30pm

February 28 — Monday
CL2.0 Business Model

Breakfast 7:00am
Sessions Begin 8:00am
Sessions End 5:15pm, Reception Following

CL2.0 Environment: The Convergence of Diagnostic Lab and Population Health

The environment for the CL2.0 business model is Healthcare 2.0, with the drivers of population health and value-based care.  

Join a conversation with Dr. David Nash, founding Dean Emeritus and Professor of Health Policy at Jefferson College of Population Health, with introductory remarks from Khosrow Shotorbani, President & Executive Director, Project Santa Fe Foundation, as they paint a picture of this future environment and understand how lab can play a critical role.


CL2.0 Customer: Who is our customer?  Who should it be?

CL2.0 serves a different customer with different drivers.  Understanding lab’s future customer is fundamental for creating the business model of the future.  This robust conversation explores  who is ‘at risk’ in Healthcare 2.0, what they will need to accomplish, what will be their barriers, and where are they interacting with the lab. Karen Kaul, MD, PhD, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, NorthShore University Health System, will facilitate a discussion among key representatives of the CL2.0 customer:


CL2.0 Business Model: What is our business?  What should it be?

Healthcare is changing, and lab has reached a strategic inflection point.  Project Santa Fe Foundation Faculty will propose a CL2.0 Business Model aligned with the needs of a new customer in a new environment.  Exploring both the business model and its associated clinical pathways,  we will share the work of three CL2.0 multi-institutional demonstration projects with both clinical and economic outcome goals:

March 1 — Tuesday
CL2.0 Tactics

Breakfast 7:00am
Sessions Begin 8:00am
Workshop Concludes 3:00pm

The CL2.0 Journey: Building for the Future 

If CL2.0 is about managing risk, how do we transition from the business of volume to the business of data?  What are the tactics of building CL2.0? Where do you start?

Presented by Khosrow Shotorbani, President & Executive Director, Project Santa Fe Foundation


CL2.0 Industry Partners: Enabling the Transformation

The convergence of the diagnostics industry and population health is only possible with a convergence of lab operations and industry partners,  This panel, representing labs’ key partners, explores Industry’s critical role in enabling the transformation. Facilitated by Project Santa Fe Foundation Board Chair, James Crawford, MD, PhD, the CL2.0 Industry panel includes:


CL2.0 Roundtable Think Tanks:  Contribute to the Movement!

Participate in hands-on ‘Think Tanks’ facilitated by the Project Santa Fe Foundation Board of Directors identifying key tactics that will enable labs’ transformation for the future.

Explore topics such as:

  • CL2.0 Leadership – What are the competencies and critical actions required of labs’ future leaders?
  • CL2.0 Infrastructure – What are the necessary people, processes, and technologies for the future?
  • CL2.0 Policy – How can we leverage existing policy and how can we advocate for new policies to enable the movement?
  • CL2.0 Partnerships – What are the internal and external partnerships necessary for transformation to occur?
  • CL2.0 Payment Model — What will replace the fee-for-service payment model in the future environment?

Every voice counts at this workshop, so do not miss your opportunity to attend and help enable the transformation!

If you commit to just one event this year, this is THE workshop to attend.

Attendee safety is a
top priority and our commitment to you

The in-person 5th Annual Clinical Lab 2.0 Workshop is set to go, and every precaution has been taken to make this a safe and productive meeting for all attendees.

In order to achieve this level of safety, we have put into place on-site testing for every attendee. This is HIPAA compliant, CLIA certified testing, ultra-high in accuracy, with results in minutes. Additional capabilities enable digital results upload and attestation with an “AllClear Entry Pass.”

All attendees are required to be fully vaccinated prior to the workshop, with verified proof of a negative test result via our on-site testing, prior to admittance to the conference. Mask policies will also continue to be enforced. We will not hesitate to take other safety precautions as necessary.

We feel that with these combined efforts, a secure on-site experience awaits all, providing us with the vital in-person energy and creativity needed to advance
from volume to value and help build the future of healthcare.